Friday, November 2, 2012

Our 4th Jean Quilt for our 4th Son.

Since our first son, we decided that we would make a jean quilt for each of our children. 

This has been a fun project that Carey and I have been able to do over and over again for each child.

This week during my vacation we spent a couple of hours working on this jean quilt for our youngest son.

With 4 young boys and 2 adults in the house, it took far less time to collect jeans for this quilt. 
 After cutting the jeans in to pieces we got to lay it out like a puzzle. We don't cut them into uniform sizes. We just do random size pieces and then figure out how to get them to mesh together. We really like the character the randomness gives the quilt. 
 Carey is the sewing expert of this project. Here she is getting it started. 
The top is sewed together. Now to get the bottom sewed on. 
 After sewing the bottom on it is time for the really fun part, watch a movie and tie the quilt. The movie of choice this time was Breakfast at Tiffany's
And here is the finished quilt. We went with a BSU theme because... I don't know, we live near Boise and I love orange. 

One Christmas gift done and ready to wrap.