Friday, August 16, 2013

Free t-shirt and fun, for kids, from Apple!

He looks like he could actually work at the Apple Store. 
Did you know that your kids (ages 8-12) can get a free Apple t-shirt, flash drive, and name badge from Apple? Along with having fun learning to use iMovie and Garage Band to make their own short movie?

They can! Every summer the Apple Store does a free camp for kids. The camp takes place at the Apple store. The kids get to attend two 1.5 hour workshops learning to use iMovie and Garage Band. Then on Saturday all the kids, from 2 camps, get to share their videos on the BIG TV in the wall of the Apple Store, with all the other kids and their parents, friends, and whomever else the invite.

Carsyn attended last year and he had so much fun. This year as the instructor was asking what ideas the kids had for their movies, Carsyn volunteered to share his. As he shared his, she said "like last year". That's so cool that a year later and working with lots of kids, she remembers Carsyn's video. She even seems to have so much fun with kids. Since Carsyn has a YouTube account this year he is able to share it with all of you. It is only a couple of minutes and here it is.