Monday, August 31, 2009

Carey's Toy

Here are a couple of things that Carey and I have made in the past week with her vinyl cutter. Glad that her toys can make us some money. Not like my toys that just cost money.
1'x2' Vehicle Magnet "Event Support"

1'x2' Vehicle Magnet "Caution Bicylces on Road"

6"x6" Bicycle Magnet signs
I miss helping out on the fun bicycle events in Idaho. The ham radio club here is very small and doesn't go to events like the Voice of Idaho Amatuer Radio Club does.
Window decal for a local business here. We made a 2nd for thier other office and 2 decals for her Jeep. This was our first attempt with a layered business logo.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

13114 Feet

Here are a few pics from my 4-wheelin trip to Imogene pass with my brother. That's his cool Jeep in the first picture.

There is my Toyota at the top of a little hill, where we stopped to look in an abandoned mine.

The next three pictures are of Carsyn at the spot on the trail that we stopped for lunch. It was a good spot for lunch, even though it was choosen because of water in the engine of my truck and one of the other guys Jeep. Carsyn loved climbing all over the old building, fence and rocks.
Carsyn had so much fun, mostly when we weren't driving.

Mmmm, Lunch.

This is my truck and the 13114 foot pass.

What a view there was from here.

Even though Jeff had to tow out one of the Jeeps it was a fun trail. And I finnally got to use my CB that I bought along time ago. In Idaho everyone I went anywhere with was on the ham radio. I put the CB in my truck for when I went 4-wheelin with non-hams, and it worked, just don't get to far apart.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Drive through

So I believe I broke my Hamstick. I was going through a drive through, one that has a small overhang. My hamstick is on the pasanger side, I thought I was over far enough over that it wouldn't hit the overhang, it did. So I cut a new sticker for my truck.

Maybe this will help remind me that my truck doesn't fit throught the drive through any more. Anybody have a good deal on an 80 meter Hamstick for me?

While I was cutting the above sticker, I also cut this one. I put it on in the dark and its a little crooked. I'm going to peal it off and recut it bigger, maybe when I have some day light to put it on.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Post

So here it is. A new post. Its been half the summer since my last one. I've been debating on deleting my blog, since I started facebooking. Through recent events I found out that I should keep it.

I've been playing a little with my FT-857d. Does anyone know what I need to get the engine noise to stoping coming across my speaker? It sounds fine when the truck is off, but when the engine is running I get a lot of static. It is quite fun making HF contacts while driving down the road, just wish I knew what to do to cut the static.

Other than working to much I haven't done much this summer.