Thursday, July 2, 2020

Mowing by Corbyn

This is 5 years ago. Corbyn was 8 and was already learning to mowing the yard. 

Only a couple years later he started mowing yards in the neighborhood to earn some extra money. 

One of his customers gave him this trimmer/edger and the mower you see on the right hand side on top of his weekly pay. 

He has now picked up customers in the next neighborhood over. 

While using the RYOBI battery operated mower that his customer gave him, he decided he preferred that over the gas mower. So we upgraded his battery mower to a RYOBI self propelled battery mower. 

Among other upgrades this year is the way he hauls his gear to each job. This has allowed him to mow lawns beyond just our street. 

We were at The Home Depot this week and they had a RYOBI special going on. They have a Battery, charger, and bag combo that you buy and get a free (select) RYOBI tool. He decided to do that and get the blower for free. He's been using my leaf blower that is awkward a too big. 

But that's not all.
The RYOBI representative that was at The Home Depot also gave him a free t-shirt. 

Not a paid product placement for RYOBI or Snapper. 
However, I'm sure Corbyn wouldn't be opposed to a RYOBI sponsorship. 

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