Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nursery Project

In the spring my wife and I found out that we were going to have a baby. Just for fun we didn't tell very many people until the baby was born. Because of that, until now I haven't been able to share the work we did to remodel one of our bedrooms into a beautiful nursery for our new baby girl.


- The Nursery Project -

Inspiration came from the "Pink and gray nursery" picture on SheKnows.com . 

The room started out with white trim and tan walls (with plenty of holes to patch).
Corbyn loves helping me build stuff so he was there helping most of the time. Here he decided to take a bacon break. 

You can see a lot of the holes that we had to patch.  Boys can be so rough on a bedroom. 

Painting the ceiling white. 

 We sprayed some texture to touchup the holes that we patched. 

We painted the bottom of the wall white and the top gray. 

With the paint finished we added some trim to separate the gray and white colors to give a clean finish. 

For an extra touch I measured and drew up an idea for these little frames. We had to go too two Home Depots to get enough sticks of trim to go around the whole room. After the boys and I got the pieces cut to size Carey painted them all with High Gloss White to match the rest of the trim and pop a little from the white on the wall. 

I love how they turned out. 

We found this rug at home depot. I think it really fits the room well. The colors go well with the walls and doesn't distract from the nursery decor that we planned. 

In the closet we added another shelf. We have done this in other rooms in our house and it helps a lot to give more space and keep the closets more organized. Plus with the baby being a girl I knew she'd need more room for all her clothes. 

Here is the beautiful crib that we got for her. We went with a soft pink for the crib set and other nursery accents. 

And all her brothers loved helping to build it. 

The changing table we got for a great deal online. While building it I discovered why. The drawer was about 1/4 inch to small for the rails to catch on the frame. So I got to use some creativity and parts from my shed to get the rails in to correct positions for the drawer to fit. To keep the nursery clean and organized we got these little gray, pink, and white baskets for the shelves. And we found a matching hamper to finish it off. 

The last furniture item we needed was a dresser. I wanted a nice wood dresser (so that the dresser drawers wouldn't have the same issues as the changing table drawer), but I didn't want to put out the extra money. After searching craigslist for weeks we found this cute little dresser. And it came with a matching nightstand!

We found a nice white lamp that came with a purple lampshade and bought it so that we could swap for our pink lamp shade. When we got home with the new lamp we discovered that the light socket was not the correct kind to be able to swap the lamp shades. Not a problem, I bought the correct light socket and swapped it on the lamp. 

Carey found this Scentsy warmer on eBay that matches the pink nursery nicely. And the "Newborn Nursery" Scentsy wax that smells like baby powder makes it the perfect addition to the nursery. 

We still have a little work to do. We need to add the curtains, some wall decor, and we are going to cut a vinyl tree to put on the wall behind the crib

Update 12/10/14 - Here is the vinyl tree that we put on the wall behind the crib. It is 3'x5'. We chose this design because it tied in with curves on the crib so well.