Sunday, May 12, 2013

What age does music draw the most interest?

Growing up I listened to music as often as possible. Music during homework, chores, going to sleep, or whenever. Some of my favorite teachers in school were the ones that had music on in their classrooms.  I listened to the radio, cassette tapes that my siblings and I recorded off the radio, and occasionally a legitimate cassette from the store. I remember asking for a boom-box, stereo, or some music centered electrical device every year for Christmas. I remember buying my first CD before I even had a CD player. It was Ace of Base - The Sign. A few years after becoming a father I started to wonder what kind of music my kids would like?, would I like it too?, or would I just think it's noise, like so many other parent to children music debates you see in the movies?. As my boys have gotten older I've been waiting more and more for the day when my one of my sons tells me about some new music that he likes. All the songs on their iPods have come form mine and their mothers influence, with the exception of Kidz Bop that my oldest son got from McDonalds. Though the last couple of years I've been spending a lot more time listening to books, conferences, and seminars in the car, I still enjoy my music, and still wonder when my boys will want to choose their own music. At church today part of the discussion turned to being able to spend time and talk to your children by hanging out with them and listening to "their" music. This evening the thought came to me that there isn't a music radio in our house, my oldest son rarely listens to music, and in the car he wants to turn the music off and talk. Even though I would love to share music I love with him while he shares his favorites with me, I am glad that I currently don't have to figure out how to get him to have a conversation with me. 

At what age did your children take a strong interest in music?

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Katy said...

Awe what I good post chad. You are such a wonderful person. I really look up to you and glad you are my brother inlaw.