Monday, June 11, 2018


My posts the last few years have been near nonexistent. There have been a lot of things that have contributied to this. Things that I have chosen or allowed to be the priority. The things in life that are chosen to be priority should lead you to the life you want. The things that are allowed to be priority should be reviewed to see if they are going to lead you to the life you want. If they aren't, then they need to no longer be allowed to be the priority.

My family recently moved 4 times in 19 months.
In the spring/summer of 2016 Anthony of the Flores Group called wanting to sell our house for us and help us find a house to move in to.

So we sold our 1150sqft home of 13 years,

and had CBH build us our new home.

The day after we closed on this home we got the call that I had been selected for the promotion that I had applied for in Utah. After living in the home for only a couple weeks we listed it and moved to Utah where we rented a house because we couldn't find anything comparable in the small community of Heber. 

After a trying year in Utah we moved back to Idaho to get our life back. We moved into an 1100sqft rental while CBH again built us a new home. 

In March of 2018 our new home was ready for us to move in. 
There was still a lot of work to be done to get it to be what we wanted it to be. So with our brand new home we started the finishing and remodel process. 
3 Garage door openers
Pull through gate
Concrete RV pad
Concrete sidewalk
Kitchen cabinets for built in fridge
Kitchen cabinets to extend the kitchen
Granite countertops
Kitchen faucet
2 dishwashers 
Tile backsplash
Closet shelving
Patio furniture
You can see all the fun @JacobsenPrescott

During the time of 5 homes, 4 moves, numerous projects, and lots of changes with home and work life I haven't done well at blogging. Even though I haven't made posting on here a priority, I have been sharing small snippets on Instagram @TheChadJacobsen

Will my blog posts be moved to the priority category?

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