Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Last Car Payment

Today I celebrated with my family. We paid off our car 1 year and 9 months early!!!!! We set a goal to have it paid off by March. We talked to the boys about paying off the car and how exciting it would be to not have a car payment. Carsyn wanted to help too. He would bring me a quarter or a dollar from his spending money and tell me that he wants to pay it onto the car so that we can pay it off. He is so full of love.
So today we all went to the Credit Union. When it was our turn Carsyn told the teller what we wanted to do. She pulled up our pay off balance and we pulled the money out of the checking and showed the boys how much money it was taking to pay off the car. Then we paid it off. To celebrate we went to lunch at Applebee's. That was a treat for all of us, we have not gone to restaurants very much since we have been working on paying down the balance.
Because the boys helped us by not begging to go out to eat or spending money on things we didn't need, they all got a bonus on their commissions.
I am so glad to have that debt gone.

Want help paying off your debt? Here are some things that helped me and my family.
Provident Living from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter~Day Saints
Dave Ramsey
Drive for free

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UrgentCookie said...

Way to go Jacobsen family! I know that is such a great accomplishment! Way to stick to it!