Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today Carey and I took the family bowling. At the Nampa Bowl. They do Thursday Dollar Days. Bowling $1, Shoe rental $1, Fries $1, Hot dog $1, and Soda $1. We bowled a game and had lunch. This was our kids' first time bowling. They loved it and it was so much fun. 

Our main motivating factor for going was to sign off Carsyn's bowling requirements for Cub Scouts. We were able to sign off the arrow point and the belt loop. After we were finished one of the guys that works there talked with Carsyn about bowling and helped him sign off some of his requirements for his Bowling pin. Carsyn even got to go into the back and see how the lanes work.  

Here is an action shot of Cole, our 2 year old. (He picked the pink 8lb ball.)
His score 80. He got second place. 

I would include that I got first place, but I've been told that I am not a gracious winner so I'll just leave that out. 

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