Thursday, December 1, 2011

Folding printed coupons

Here is a video on folding printed coupons from internet coupon sites.

And here is a picture guide on folding printed coupons from internet coupon sites.

After printing coupons to the limit. 

Cut the coupons out. I use this 12 inch paper cutter. It is so much faster and easier than scissors. Especially when cutting multiple sheets. 

 Stack all of the same coupons and place face down, with the top away from you. 

Fold the left side 1/3ish of the way in, at a slight angle so that the expiration date is above the top of the coupon. 

Fold the right side straight over making sure not to cover the expiration date. 
On the front you can see the expiration date and the product image. 

Turn the page over and you can see the value of the coupon. 


Katy said...

Just wondering why do you need to fold it?

The Chad Jacobsen said...

I put my coupons in baseball card sheets and the printed coupons don't fit in the pockets without folding them.