Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mialisia DVD Tip

There is a DVD that comes in the Mialisia Designer kit that contains the videos "The Mialisia Story" and "Infinite Possibilities". So many Independent Designers want to play this DVD in loop at their booths, but the DVD isn't written to play both files in loop on all DVD players. 

Here is how I got around this issue.
#1 Rip the DVD onto my MacBook Pro using MacX DVD Ripper Pro 2.
#2 Using PowerPoint, I created a slideshow with 2 slides with black backgrounds. 
#3 I then inserted 1 video into each slide, and set them to play automatically. 
#4 Then I set the slides to transition automatically after xx:xx time. Using the length of the video as the time. 
#5 I adjusted the settings for the slideshow to play continuously until stopped. 
#6 Saved my work. 
#7 Then tested the PowerPoint show.
#8 Using a mini display to HDMI adapter or via my Apple TV I can play the videos from my MacBook Pro in loop at Carey's booths/shows

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