Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mialisia business forms

As many of you know Carey started selling Mialisia Versastyle Jewelry back in August. I have been using my computer skills to help her organize her business binder. 

Today we worked on a few projects. 

#1 When you enter a new Fashionista online it wants a list of information. If you don't already know it or didn't get it from your new Fashionista at the time of booking, it is difficult to complete this step. 
Carey's solution was to have an application for the Fashionista to fill out with the information that will be needed to key in the event online. 

The backside of this form is a continuation of the guest list. 

#2 There is a weekly calendar available online. However, Carey wanted a month view calendar of the same style. I took the weekly calendar and edited it into a monthly calendar. Now she has a calendar that she can have available at the events to book future events. 

#3 The wish list. Everybody needs somewhere to make a list of what they'd like to have. This wish list is a half sheet of paper with room to wish away. The guests can take this home with them and when they are ready to order again they won't have search the catalog for the piece that they wanted to order next. Fast and simple. 

#4 Social media talker. I made this 4x6 image to be displayed in a tabletop acrylic frame. 


Laurie Wolfe said...

These forms are excellent ideas! Especially the "Fashionista Application"! Have you sent this idea to Corporate?

The Chad Jacobsen said...

I have not sent any of these ideas to corporate. I put them together to help my wife and figured I would put my ideas out there for others to build on.