Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Computer Art

This past weekend our internet went down. I noticed Saturday morning when I was eating breakfast and trying to read some blogs. I didn't look into it because I had to go to work. The internet being down didn't affect anyone at home much because it was a busy day. Carey and the kids went on a cub scout activity in the morning and then they came out to my work and had lunch with me. It was Saturday evening before it became an issue. When I got home from work I tried trouble shooting it on my own. I didn't have much luck, so I left the modem and router unplugged all night. On Sunday morning when I plugged everything back in the modem wouldn't even come back on. I found a different plug and that got the modem to come on. Still no internet though. I gave up and called tech support. Wouldn't you know, they told me that my modem was toast. So Monday I got the pleasure of buying a new modem. 

Since my old modem was toast, I took it apart and recycled the parts. 
  1. The plastic casing went into the blue recycle bin. 
  2. And the circuit board became art for my boys' room. 

Feeling Artsy?

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