Saturday, March 29, 2014

When do you pray? #didyouthinktopray

Prayer is a powerful tool and often times it is so underused. I see a good number of posts on Facebook and Twitter of friends requesting prays to help them through certain situations. It is great to see that others are not afraid to ask for your prayers. And it is so great that people respond saying that they'll pray for them. How many times do we really go and pray for that friend though? Life gets busy and we forget. I would challenge you that the next time a friend asks for a prayer and you say that you'll pray for them, just do it, right then. Don't let life get in the way of you conversing with your loving God, and you asking Him to help your friend that He and you both care about. And you need help, go pray. Your Heavenly Father would love to hear from you, and would love to help you with through your stress, and hear a thank you for the things he has giving you.  
It is important to remember that prayer isn't restricted to one religion or another, God wants to hear from all of his children. We can all pray to our Heavenly Father. 

While surfing YouTube videos I found this great video on prayer that I wanted to share. 


When do you pray?

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